Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bundle in a Box: The Cerebral Bundle

A few hours ago Kyttaro Games launched their fourth Bundle in a Box, a pay-what-you-want collection of clever indie games. All games are available DRM-free as direct downloads, and some are supported on Steam, Desura, Mac, and Linux. The minimum asking price for the bundle is $1.99, which will give you five base games, but paying above the current average will give you four extra games. Other bonuses (like soundtracks and comics) unlock as more people purchase bundles. From the press release:
Paying anything above $1.99 will get you: deep, retro-esque and utterly elegant RPG Phantasmaburbia; artful, being-stood-up-sim Dinner Date; undead infested puzzler Vampires!; illustrated interactive fiction exclusive debut Necrotic Drift Deluxe; and beautiful puzzler exclusive debut D├ędale De Luxe
Beating the average price will allow gamers to enjoy four more cerebral games: sci-fi puzzle exploration adventure J.U.L.I.A.; hilarious boring-job-sim I Get This Call Every Day; Jane Jensen powered point-and-clicker Cognition, Episode 1: The Hangman; and just released dystopian adventure Reversion: The Meeting
A portion of all sales will be given to charity, and another portion will be set aside to help fund other indie developers, so you'll be supporting some good causes in the process. The current average price is hovering around $5.82. I'll try to write some quick reviews for some of these games in the next few days, but you can also check the bundle out for yourself by clicking here

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